kids soup kitchen

I’m thinking seriously about opening up a soup kitchen to give kids at least one meal a day, Jerusalems old city would be my target area, there’s a real need for it there. Eventually we could use some of the food we grow to support this endeavor


Concordia Gardens

Concordia Gardens

another view of the water harvesting system

Concordia Gardens Milwaukee

Concordia Gardens  Milwaukee

a great place to learn about gardening, permaculture and meet a lot of like minded people notice the slanted shelter in the background that not only provides shade for volunteers taking a lunch break while working in the garden but is also a functional water catchment system… love it


we’ve decided on strawbale and cob for the house

learning opportunities..

There’s a lot going on in my area as far as workshops and learning experiences regarding water harvesting, catchment systems, aquaponics, urban agriculture… so at the moment I’m trying to take full advantage of all the local resources available. The next workshop being this Saterday called permaculture guild basics I’ll be learning about edible food forests.. should be interesting


Nix the container home idea..

My husband covinced me its a bad idea all around, not only will it be hot in summer and cold in winter but its potentially a fire hazard… they may look appealing but if you take just a minute to think about it well its not the best idea. I’m now leaning more towards cob.

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container homes?

I’ve been looking for affordable housing ideas and a friend of mine suggested a container home. I reseached the idea and actually I like it. It seems like almost the perfect solution for us. Buying a container home would allow us to buy the land we need, allow us to be debt free, we could make it solar and install a wind turbine, and even a fireplace. Weather in Palestine is mild so it could really work because for a project like this we really do need to protect our investment by living on the property.

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