Monthly Archives: January 2012

 I set off  on my way to ramallah with my good friend
Moneer to take a look at some land possibilities for hope garden. Pushing my way through
the crowded streets of my beloved jerusalem toward the bus station, i noticed clouds hanging overhead
and prayed the rain would hold off long enough for me to do what i had to do.
I met moneer, we exchanged greetings… i was in need of caffine so we stopped off at the cafe and took some coffee to go.
we reached the 18 that would take us to Qalandia check point where we would meet a guy who would then take us to meet the
owner of the land we were about to see. Sure enough it began to rain the moment we reached Qalandia. We were waiting
about 20 minutes before the guy showed up, he took us to meet the lawyer who owns the land at his Ramallah office.
When we finally reached him he was just finishing his afternoon prayer. We began to discuss the property in question and he told us
that he has a few dunums just outside ramallah. It took about 10 minutes to get there
and really i was amazed to find it perfect for what we need, the land was fertile and has all the water pipes essential for farming, I took some pics and we headed back to Jerusalem where my lovely lady Starr was waiting eagerly for my return.